You Must Provide Me With Proof That My Husband Had a Bed With Our Maid And Had Her Pregnant,” Sarah Martins

Written by Alamin

Nollywood actress Sarah Martins has pushed back against people, particularly a blogger who thought he knew why her marriage had broken up.She shared the video on her Instagram page and demanded that the blogger produce proof of how her husband had an illicit relationship with her housekeeper and how he had caused her to become pregnant.

She said that the blogger had used her site to spread numerous lies about her and claimed that she had long since ignored all of the things the blogger had said about her. She claimed that the blogger even went as far as to claim that she left her husband’s home because their housekeeper was pregnant, which she called a clear falsehood. She insisted that nothing of the sort had ever happened to her and that the blogger’s claims about her were untrue.

I have long heard people and a blogger spread false information about my failed marriage, so I chose to ignore them. However, the moment has come for me to answer, she stated in the video. I need proof that my spouse had an illicit relationship with our housekeeper and got her pregnant. You alleged that I relocated and that my husband wed our housekeeper.You must show me proof that I’ve been the victim of your deception.

Her most recent post aims to dispel people’s misconceptions about her failed marriage, claiming that she lacks the documentation to back up all she said.

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