Why I Won’t Marry A Lady Who is A Vîrgin — Comedian, Nedu Reveals

Written by Alamin

Nigerian media personality Chinedu Ani Emmanuel, popularly known as Nedu, has revealed why he won’t marry a vîrgin.

During a recent episode of The Honest Bunch audiovisual podcast, a cohosted show, a comedian claimed that vîrginity is associated with poor decision-making skills, and nonvirgins are better at making sound decisions. He went on to say that many vîrgins view their vîrginity as their only source of pride and contribution to a relationship or partnership.

The comedian recently shared his thoughts on marriage on an episode of the audiovisual podcast The Honest Bunch. He said that he would not wed a vîrgin because, in his opinion, nonvîrgin women make better decisions. He explained that many virgins try to focus their decisions on their virginity and see it as their only source of pride and dignity. He stated: “If I do decide to get married, I will not wed a vîrgin. Girls who are not virgins, in my opinion, make better decisions. The majority of virgin girls think, “Well, this is my pride.” My pride is in my virginity. My value is my virginity. I’m a vîrgin who is 30 years old. I’ve kept my distance.

The comedian’s statements were refuted by the show’s guest, actress Juliana Olayode, who asserted that vîrginity should not be associated with incompetent judgment.

There are many virgin women who are quite knowledgeable, the woman continued. They are aware that they are more than just that. One million is allowed, and fifty million will be added. Hence, in my opinion, it is not a matter of experience.

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