Who’s That Fan That Sent Me 5.6 Million Naira? Don’t Come Back And Tell Me To Send It Back”Omo-Borty

Written by Alamin

Biodun Okeowo, also known as Omo-Borty, is a well-known Yoruba movie actress. In her most recent Instagram post, she revealed that she received a surprise after a fan allegedly sent her 5.6 million naira into her account. She shared the article on Instagram, claiming to have discovered that a fan had sent her the funds in her account.

She begged the fan not to message her again to request that it be returned with the justification that it was an April Fool’s joke. Although she questioned whether her bank made a mistake, she reiterated that what she had said was not a joke and advised her supporters against telling her they were the ones who delivered it if they weren’t.

She asked, “Who is the fan that sent me 5.6 million Naira?” in a post on her Instagram account. Don’t come back and tell me to send it back because it was a joke on April 1st, please. Do you believe this to be true? Please don’t claim it’s you if it’s not you; this is no joke.

Her latest post is aimed at raising alarm while expressing her shock that somebody sent her a whopping amount of money in her bank account, saying that she does not know who the person is.

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