When You Choose To Date Or Marry Pilots, Get Ready Because They Only Talk About Planes”Omotola Says

Written by Alamin

Omotola Jalade, a well-known Nollywood actress, recently shared a photo on Instagram in which she described what it’s like to date or be married to a pilot. She shared the photo on her Instagram account, warning any women who are interested in dating or getting married to a pilot to be prepared because they only ever talk about airplanes.

She admitted that because she made the decision to date or marry him, there was little a woman could do in such circumstances, but at least she wasn’t drunk. Because her spouse is a pilot, the actress is speaking from personal experience and is better qualified to discuss what pilots do.

In the statement she made on her Instagram story, she said, “When you choose to date or marry pilots, get ready for this life because they only talk about planes, airports, and trips.” What’s a girl to do? “At least I am not hung over.”

Her latest post is aimed at letting women realize what dating or marrying a pilot is like, as she stated that they only talk about planes and trips all the time.

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