Tiger mess with the wrong opponent – tiger powerless before the wisdom miss monkey

Written by Alamin

The tiger is one of the most feared predators in the animal kingdom. Tigers can take down anything that is many times their size thanks to their strong muscles, cutting claws, and lethal jaws. But one tiger in particular recently discovered the hard way that brute force isn’t always enough to prevail in battle.

Let’s call this tiger Raju. One day, Raju was ambling through the forest when he noticed several monkeys having fun in the treetops. Raju made the decision to eat one of the smaller monkeys because he was hungry. However, as he got closer, he unexpectedly came face to face with a wise old monkey we’ll call Guru.


Guru understood how to fool tigers since he had seen many of them come and leave over the years. Guru dodged Raju’s assaults and stayed out of harm’s path with a deft flick of his tail and a series of crafty manoeuvres. While Raju was trying to get his meal, the other monkeys in the group were hitting him with clubs and rocks.

Raju was ultimately forced to give up and slink away after being outwitted by the miss monkey’s insight. This tale serves as a reminder that ingenuity and strategy are often more effective than brute force and that the most potent weapon in the animal realm is not usually physical strength.

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