tiger cannot attack monkey on trees-tigers are helpless in the wisdom of monkey.

Written by Alamin

A quick monkey trap that works 100% has been devised by a smart boy using a big speaker and a deep hole. The trap is simple, yet effective in catching monkeys in a short period.

The first step in setting up the trap is to dig a deep hole, deep enough to trap the monkey. Once the hole is dug, the boy sets up a big speaker nearby. The speaker should be loud enough to attract the monkey’s attention.

The boy then waits for the monkey to approach the speaker. As the monkey gets closer to the speaker, the boy increases the volume of the sound coming from the speaker. The monkey gets more and more curious and eventually, it falls into the hole while trying to get closer to the speaker.

The trap works because monkeys are known to be curious animals. They are attracted to sounds and will investigate any source of noise that they hear. The loud sound from the speaker distracts the monkey, making it less aware of its surroundings and more likely to fall into the hole.

In conclusion, the quick monkey trap using a big speaker and a deep hole is an effective way to catch monkeys. It requires minimal effort to set up and works 100% of the time, thanks to the smart boy who devised the method. However, it is important to note that trapping animals for any reason other than conservation is illegal in many countries, and thus this trap should only be used in situations where it is absolutely necessary.

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