The One and Only Reason I Quit My Prolific Music Career To Get A Degree In Mass Communication – Korede Bello

The well-known Nigerian musician Korede Bello recently discussed the decision that led to his pursuing a degree in public communication rather than continuing his famous music career.
According to Naija News, the young singer stole the hearts of music enthusiasts after the release of his popular song “Dorobucci” in 2014. This was followed by releases of “Godwin,” “Romantic,” and “Do Like That” in the following years.

On the other hand, the vocalist was nowhere to be found in the world of music when he or she vanished without a trace.

In an interview that he gave to New Telegraph, Korede described the reasoning for his decision to put a halt to his burgeoning music career in order to pursue a different path in the field of public communication.

He stated, “I love education, but not so much formal schooling. Rather, I love to discover how the world works and how the human mind operates.” Therefore, earning a degree in Mass Communication seemed like a natural progression from the work I was already doing professionally, which consisted of disseminating art to people all over the world.

“Creating a headline is not that different from writing a chorus. Both of them ought to be memorable and able to elicit some kind of feeling in the listener. The language of emotional connection can be found in both the news and in music. Therefore, it is to your advantage to further your education in the field that interests you the most.

When asked how he manages to keep his mental health in check despite working in the frenetic entertainment industry, the singer responded by saying, “I have observed that you can be the richest or the most renowned person in the world and yet you can still be sad or unsatisfied on the inside.” The external environment is not the most important factor in determining actual wellness. This indicates that the lack of interior sanity cannot be filled by stimulation from the outside world.

“Everyone you know is searching for the same thing, and that is to be healthy. True wealth is found in wellness. We pursue wealth in order to have a more positive experience of it.

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