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the first creative method tiger trap using a deep hole and would 100%.

Written by Alamin

Tiger traps have been used for hunting and self-defense for many years. One such trap entails excavating a sizable hole in the ground and concealing it with foliage. Unaware of the trap, a tiger walks right over it and falls into the pit, unable to get out.

The first step in setting up this trap is to choose a good area in the woods where tigers are known to congregate. Then, to make it harder for the tiger to find, a deep hole must be dug and filled with organic stuff like leaves, branches, and grass. The edges of the opening must be sufficiently steep to prevent the tiger from climbing out.

For this kind of trap to work, careful preparation and execution are necessary. To be sure the tiger has not fled or perished in the pit, it is imperative to regularly examine the trap. In order to prevent accidental triggering by humans or other animals, the trap should also be prominently labelled.

Even though tiger traps are debatable, they have been used effectively in the past and can be a useful tool for getting food or managing dangerous animals in survival scenarios.

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