Terrifying! Brave man catch two big snakes along the road – how to catch biggest snakes in Cambodia

Written by Alamin

Onlookers were left terrified and amazed when a brave man caught two big snakes along the road in Cambodia. The snakes, which appeared to be pythons, were estimated to be over 10 feet long each.

Catching snakes in Cambodia can be a dangerous task, as some species are venomous and can be aggressive when provoked. However, the man in the video demonstrated a technique that involves using a long stick to immobilize the snake’s head while he grabs it by the body.

This technique requires a lot of courage and skill, as one wrong move can result in a deadly bite or injury. The man in the video was able to successfully catch both snakes without any harm to himself or the snakes.

It’s important to note that catching snakes should not be attempted by amateurs or without proper training. Snake handlers and experts know the right techniques and safety measures to take when handling these dangerous creatures.

Overall, this brave man’s actions were impressive, but it’s crucial to exercise caution and respect when dealing with snakes in the wild.

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