SZA UNFILTERED: Check Out Sza’s Post Surgery Body … Spent $100K To Look Like THIS!!

Written by Alamin

R&B singer Sza underwent extensive plastic surgery recently, and as a result, she now has a very different appearance.

Online sources claim that Sza underwent a number of “fat transfer” procedures that involved liposuctioning fat from her body and transferring it to her hips, thighs, and back. She also undergone a number of other facial surgery intended to give her the well-known “Instagram model” appearance.

According to a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who was interviewed by a well-known web publication, Sza’s operations likely cost her in the neighborhood of $100,000.

Here’s what she looked like before the surgeries. This was taken from the music video of Sza’s 2017 hit song, The Weekend. Look at her hips and her face:

This is her now:

And here she is moving all that extra distributed meat around:

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