smart as ostriches! Ostrich attack cheetahs ball to punish for stealing their eggs

Written by Alamin

Ostriches are known for their incredible speed, impressive height, and unique appearance. But did you know that these birds are also remarkably intelligent? Recent research has shown that ostriches are capable of problem-solving and exhibit social behavior that rivals that of some primates.

One example of this intelligence is how ostriches protect their eggs from predators. Cheetahs are known to steal ostrich eggs, but the ostriches have a smart and effective way of dealing with this threat. They form groups and attack the cheetahs, using their powerful legs to deliver a swift and painful kick. This not only protects their eggs but also serves as a punishment for the cheetah’s behavior.

This behavior shows that ostriches are capable of learning and adapting to new situations. It also highlights their social intelligence, as they work together to protect their eggs and punish those who try to steal them.

Overall, ostriches are much smarter than we give them credit for. Their ability to problem-solve and exhibit social behavior is impressive, and their tactics for protecting their eggs show that they are not to be underestimated

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