Rare ending! surprise ending when komodo dragon fights wild animals.

Written by Alamin

Komodo dragons are known for their fierce nature, and as a result, they have always been feared by other animals in the wild. However, what happens when they face wild animals? The answer to this question might surprise you!

Despite their reputation, Komodo dragons do not always come out on top when fighting other animals. In fact, they often lose to smaller, more agile creatures like water buffalo and even deer. This is because they rely on their size and strength, rather than speed and agility, to catch their prey.

However, the biggest surprise ending when Komodo dragons fight wild animals is that they often don’t actually fight at all. Instead, they use their powerful sense of smell to locate prey that is already injured or weak, and then they simply wait for the animal to die before they begin to feed. This behavior is quite surprising, as it goes against the commonly held belief that Komodo dragons are fierce predators that can take down almost anything in their path.

In conclusion, while Komodo dragons are certainly fearsome creatures, their reputation as invincible hunters is not entirely accurate. Their reliance on their sense of smell and their tendency to wait for their prey to die rather than actively hunting it is a surprise ending to their behavior in the wild.

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