Never Be Afraid To Snatch A Good Man From A Lousy And Careless Woman- Actress, Sarah Martins

Written by Alamin

Sarah Martins, a businesswoman and Nollywood actress, recently posted a message on her official social media account about marriage and relationships.

She added that a man deserves to be loved properly and that women shouldn’t be frightened to snag a decent man from a bad and negligent lady. The same is true for women, Sarah pointed out, and she added that this is something they equally deserve.

Everyone deserves to be loved properly, the delicious actress said, so snatching is not above the law.

It says in her caption, “Never hesitate to grab a decent man from a bad, irresponsible lady! He should receive appropriate love. The same is true for women. Because everyone deserves to be treated with respect, no one is above stealing “.

Social media users posted various comments in response to this message, which caused reactions online. Many people harshly criticized her for always seeking out opportunities to trend.

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