“My Driver lavished 2M from my Bank account to spoil himself on Valentine’s Day” – Bob Risky

Bob Risky, a Nigerian transvestite with a public profile, recently revealed in a public statement that his driver frittered away a significant sum of money from his account on alcoholic beverages while under the influence of his permission.

This information was revealed by him through his Instagram handle, where he also revealed that his overworked driver had taken full advantage of the permission he had granted him and had spent a total of two million dollars from his bank account on alcoholic beverages.

According to him, he outlined that the excited employee fell victim to intoxication to the extent that he drove himself home to avoid a possible road accident. He said that he outlined that the intoxication occurred because the employee was excited.

To quote him directly, he stated:

“Today, my driver spent more than two million dollars to buy booze using funds from my account. Because I can’t risk having someone else strike me in the head with a stick if this guy wants to get drunk, I’ll drive myself home.

His admission irritated several concerned individuals, and they harshly criticized him about it in the public forum that is the internet in Nigeria.

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