Mansur Sadiq says that funding is Kannywood’s worst nightmare.

When I was twelve years old, I began my adventure into the world of filmmaking. The truth of the matter is that around that time, with my father’s authorization, I got a part in a movie that was made in the neighborhood where I live in Jos. After finishing up with that one part, I decided to concentrate on my academic career, but I kept the desire to act hidden away in the back of my mind. After I finished my secondary education, I joined a theatre group in Jos known as the “Farin Wata Drama Group,” and while I was a member of that group, I served in numerous leadership roles. Actors such as the late Ahmad S. Nuhu, Tijjani Faraga, and others came out of that drama group’s productions.

I was given yet another opportunity when my uncle, who was pursuing a degree in Theatre Arts at the University of Jos, cast me in one of the plays he was working on. I relocated to Kano after finishing my secondary education in this manner, and it was there that I began my endeavors in the film industry in addition to my educational efforts.

How many movies have you been in altogether?

Prior to my transformation into who I am now, I worked as an actor in a number of films. In the course of my career in the film industry, I have had a variety of positions, including those in lighting, production assistant, producing, cameraman, and director. Six different movies, including Jigo, Fice, and Almuru, have featured me in the leading role. Among these movies are others.

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