“It is unfair to undermine their hard work” – Kess slams Nedu Wazobia for tagging female BBN stars as hookers

Kess, a former housemate on Big Brother Nigeria, has spoken out against prominent broadcaster Nedu Wazobia for making degrading comments about his female co-stars.

You might remember that Nedu brought up female Big Brother Naija stars on two of his podcasts. He did this specifically for them.

First, he recounted the story of how he reportedly walked in on two BBN females who were getting intimate with his wealthy friend. He said that he witnessed the whole thing.

The most recent assertion that he made was that the majority of women participate in the show in order to attract clients, and he added that after they acquire celebrity, the only thing they have to offer in return is their bodies.

Kess has confronted the OAP about his habit of degrading the professionalism of his female coworkers.

Kess believes that the majority of these women also possess a high level of intelligence and talent, and that it is unfair to continuously refer to them as sluuts.

To quote him directly:

“I find it offensive that people are starting to refer to the female houseguests on Big Brother as sluuuts. Ninety-five percent of them have a high level of intelligence, are sufficiently self-sufficient, are really bright, and are genuine hustlers. It would be unfair to put their hard work down like that.

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