“Imagine carrying village Ekuke” – Destiny Etiko fidgets as she shoots movie scene with dogs

It has been reported that Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko is having a difficult time on set while filming a movie in which she is required to work with dogs.

Destiny Etiko has recently uploaded some behind-the-scenes photos from the set of the movie ‘After 1970,’ which she is currently working on. She was observed acting out a peculiar part as dogs were all around her.

Actress Destiny Etiko revealed that in the scene she was shown, she was forced to drag three other dogs in chains while also being forced to hold a dog on her right arm.

On the footage, Destiny could be seen writhing in panic and struggling to keep hold of the dogs because she was afraid of being beaten. On the other hand, she screamed for the owners of the dogs to come and pick up their pets so she could carry them.

The following is what she wrote as the caption for her post: “What we go through to make movies no be here ” I was so startled that I practically leapt out of my skin, chai. Imagining transporting VILLAGE EKUKE🥲🥲🥲”.

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