I’m Not A Prostitute, I Was In Nollywood But The Director Wanted To Sleep With Me- Esther


Esther Nwachukwu, a prominent figure in the media, recently revealed the rationale for her decision to cultivate a reputation as someone who stirs up controversy on social media. Nwachukwu clarified, in an interview granted exclusively to Punch Newspaper, that she is neither a run girl nor a prostitute, despite the widespread belief to the contrary held by a large number of individuals.

She explained that the reason she has chosen to engage in contentious behavior on social media is because she wants to be in the spotlight. She claims that she has participated in a number of auditions, but each time she has been turned away due to her lack of financial resources. She related that she had approximately six opportunities to audition for Big Brother Nigeria, but she was never chosen.

Esther continued by revealing that she had previously worked in Nollywood, but that the majority of the directors she met wanted to have sexual relations with her, but she turned down their advances.

“I am not a prostitute. Simply because I wanted to be on trend, I made the decision to start a controversy. Even though I went to Nollywood, I have nothing to show for my time there. In order for me to play a role, the director demanded that either we have sexual relations or that I give him money, both of which I felt to be absurd demands. Because of this, I made the decision to engage in contentious behavior.” She continued.

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