I’m a confident cougar who doesn’t have to go hunting for young guys – they flock to me.

Written by Alamin

A CONFIDENT cougar has said that dating as a mom actually isn’t as hard as it seems. TikToker Lila Lovely said she looks so good at her age that young men are the ones flocking to her, not the other way around.

TikToker Lila Lovely has opened up about what dating is like as a cougar Credit.. Lila said that young men are actually the ones trying to date her. In a recent post, the bombshell blonde opened up about what dating is like at her age.

She was seen in the video making a drink while turning in a lovely outfit that perfectly complemented her curvaceous form. A sound that seemed to be from a stand-up set started playing as Lila turned to face the camera with a wry smirk.

The audio clip made fun of those who assert that cougars are frantically looking for younger men to date. A cougar is an older woman who young men like to ask out, according to the woman who spoke on the audio.

Lila took a sip of her drink and flicked her hair during the funny punchline with a confidence that instantly made her age simply a number.

Lila’s fans were obsessed with the post and said they couldn’t agree more with the standup bit.

Lila uploads a ton of videos of her gym regimens, excursions, and stunning attire. It comes after another cougar gave a justification for “freeing the tatas.”

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