I Told Him I Was A Single Mother Of 2 Before We Got Married And He Accepted – Ijoba Lande’s Wife Says

Written by Alamin

Ij oba Lande, a comedian and actor in Yoruba movies, has at last stepped up to reveal the truth about his wife, who the public has frequently blamed of being the cause of his problems. He used his Instagram profile to record a live video with his wife, who was sobbing hysterically as she stated that before they wed the actor, she had told him she was a single mother of two kids.

You might remember that there were claims making the rounds on social media that his wife had only disclosed to him that he had one child in her previous marriage rather than two and that she had brought the two of them, as well as her mother, to the actor’s house, which is said to be the reason the actor decided to take his own life. In an unexpected turn of events, the actor recorded a live video of himself and his wife in which she made it obvious that she was not the cause of her husband’s despair and advised him to inform the whole world before he left the house. She insisted that she has never frustrated her husband and that they do not even fight at all, which is another reason she is confused about the whole thing.

Before we got married, I told him I was a single mother of two, and he accepted to marry me, the wife stated in a statement made during the live webcast. He also had a child with a different woman, and it was I who instructed him to bring the child from Osun State to Lagos State so that it could live with us.

“Please simply tell the world why you decided to commit yourself. I have no idea about his difficulties because he withheld anything from me.” You may ask your neighbors about us, and they will be honest and tell you that my husband and I don’t even argue.

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