I Have Not Slept With Any Man Since The Last 33 Years Because I Am Waiting For Mr Right -Favour Oma revealed.

Written by Alamin

Favour Oma, a Nollywood actress and creator of online entertainment, has admitted that the main reason she hasn’t slept with a guy in 33 years is because she’s been waiting for the right one.

In an exclusive interview with Leadership News, Favour Oma claimed that neither she nor content production are loud in their respective fields. The fact that she hasn’t had sex with a guy in 33 years is one of many things, she continued, that people are unaware of.

She further revealed that she has been able to resist the pressures from the movie directors who usually want to force her to sleep with them before giving her the role to act in the industry.

She said, “I have not slept with any man since the last 33 years because I am waiting for Mr Right”. Dear esteemed readers, feel free to drop your comments below and also share this with your loved ones.

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