‘I Have Finally Given Up On Love’ – Nollywood Actress Speaks On Breakup With Fiance Who Recently Engaged Her

Written by Alamin

The news of Kiitan Bukola and Kingsley’s broken engagement is regrettable. She recently spoke openly about the circumstance in an interview with PUNCH and underlined the significance of being able to handle problems in a relationship. Kiitan also disclosed that she is unmarried and has given up on finding love for the time being. She did, however, add that she might alter her mind later.

In addition, Kiitan said she doesn’t prioritize money in relationships and hasn’t had much experience meeting supportive men. She values happiness more than anything. It makes sense that the actress needs time to go past the split and find the ideal man or woman who will love her and support her.

“Right now, I am single and not searching. I have given up on love for now but I can change my mind tomorrow.

 “I am a child of grace, and I thank God for that. I don’t know why some people see me as a competitor (threat). I know that people appreciate me and I appreciate them in return.

All I want in a relationship is to be content. I want my family to be content, and I want to be a good father to my kids. Money isn’t always my first priority for me.

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