“I Don’t Want To Have S€x Again Till My Wedding Night, If You Toast Me I’ll Curse You” Shola Subair

Written by Alamin

Yoruba movie actress, Shola Subair, has used her most recent post on Instagram to reveal what happened to her in the UK that made her arrive at a decision not to have s€x again. She took to her Instagram page to share the post where she disclosed that she was very sick, which led her to believe that she was pregnant.

Everyone who toasts her will be cursed at this time, she said, adding that she won’t have sex again until the night of her wedding. She asserted that she nearly developed hypertension and said that when her period started, she realized she wasn’t pregnant. She exclaimed that she is relieved and feels better now and that she may resume her murdering activities. She also expressed her displeasure with the extreme cold in the UK, stating she was relieved she was not pregnant.

I don’t want to have sex again until my wedding night; if you toast me, I will curse you, she declared on her Instagram page. I’ve been really ill lately, and I caught myself in a pregnancy-related panic. Only the menses came this morning, but I almost acquired hypertension.” Now that I’m feeling better and more relieved, I may resume my murdering activities.”

Her most recent message serves to reassure her followers that she was only suffering from a terrible illness, that she is not expecting, and that she will not be ready for a sexy relationship until she is married.

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