“I Don’t Joke With My Husband With Any Woman; I’ll Curse Any Woman That Comes Near Him- Basira Badia

Written by Alamin

In a recent Instagram post, well-known Yoruba actress Basira Badia advised other women to avoid her spouse. She uploaded the piece on her Instagram account and pleaded with the other ladies to stay away from her husband, stating emphatically that she does not make fun of him in front of any other women.

She claimed that because she valued her husband so highly, she would not hesitate to condemn any woman who got close to him. She remained steadfast in her belief that her hubby was only meant for her, insisting that no women should even find themselves drawn to him if they did not desire her trouble.

She said in the video that she wasn’t trying to warn other women to avoid her spouse or even come close to him. I don’t make jokes about women around my husband; I will curse any lady that approaches him. Don’t even let him be drawn to you since he is only meant for me.Any woman that approaches him is looking to cause me troubles.

She wants other women to know how much she adores her husband and how important it is to her that no woman contact him in an effort to start a relationship because she believes he is meant for her alone. This is why she shared the post.

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