Hunter becomes hunted | elephant herd take down lion to rescue buffalo.

Written by Alamin

In conflicts with prey, the predator typically prevails in the animal realm. Rarely, though, do the roles of hunter and prey reverse, and the latter becomes the former. One such incident that was observed in the wild had an elephant herd killing a lion in order to save a buffalo.

The video footage shows a lion attacking a buffalo in Kruger National Park, South Africa. However, the buffalo managed to break free and flee into a nearby herd of elephants. The lion, now facing an entire herd of elephants, realized the odds were against him and tried to retreat. But the elephants were not going to let the lion go that easily.

In a remarkable display of unity, the elephants banded together and charged at the lion, causing it to flee. It was a clear message that the herd would protect their own at any cost. The buffalo, which had been left for dead, was rescued by the herd and managed to limp away.

This occurrence serves as a reminder of the animal kingdom’s amazing capacity for cooperation and communal strength. It also demonstrates how, in the face of a great foe, even the most feared predators can turn into the hunted.

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