How to make easy trap lizard from plastic bottle.

Written by Alamin

First, you’ll need a small box or container with a lid. Place some food inside, such as small insects or fruit. Next, find a spot where lizards are known to frequent, such as near a garden or in a warm, sunny area. Set the box down and wait for the lizard to enter it.

When the lizard is inside, slowly walk over to the box and shut the lid. When handling the container, exercise caution because lizards are quickly stressed and could turn violent if handled incorrectly.

The lizard must be returned as quickly as possible to its natural habitat. To release it, look for a secure area that is free from any risk or potential predators.

Keep in mind that capturing a lizard should only be attempted as a last resort since it is not a long-term fix. Remove lizards’ access to food and shelter to try to deter them from congregating in undesirable regions.

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