How Does My Dressing Affect My Relationship With God?” Nicah The Queen Says, Sparks Debate Online

Written by Alamin

Nicah, who is a cast member of the new gospel reality TV program, disproved critics of her clothing code.

“I am a born-again Christian, and the Holy Spirit is at work in my life,” she wrote in the caption. Musician Nicah The Queen asks those advising her to quit acting like they are heaven’s gatekeepers, “How does my dress affect my relationship with God?”

Nicah In a recent interview, The Queen talked about her relationship with DJ Slahver and said that they had been waiting to get married before having any sexual intercourse.

Nicah, who was previously married to comedian Dr. Ofweneke, revealed that even though they split up five years ago, she decided to live a celibate lifestyle two years ago.

In an interview, the gorgeous mother said she made it clear to Slahver when they met and further revealed that the two sleep in separate rooms while on vacation.

While Slaver proposed to Nicah in December 2022, she shared that her girls pressuring her to get married and that the two are planning their wedding slated for later this year.

Netizens react:

@Cynthia wrote, “If one is truly born again before they leave their house, the first thing to ask themselves is, “Does my dress glorify the God I preach?” Can my dress cause a brother or a sister to fall? If the answers are in harmony with you, then you’re good to go.

@Beth wrote, “It’s not about WivU.” It is about you respecting your body, the “temple of God.” @Veroh wrote, “You are ok, but just practice modesty.” Your body is God’s temple. Let him change you both inside and out.

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