Glo and Samsung both provide benefits to their loyal customers.

Digital Services Company Globacom and Samsung, the world’s leading manufacturer of electronic gadgets, have collaborated to bring an exclusive deal for Glo users to purchase the highly desired Galaxy S-23 smartphone.

However, Samsung will continue to benefit from the patronage of millions of Glo customers despite the fact that only Glo subscribers will be eligible to receive the benefits of the exclusive deal.

Glo users will be the first in Nigeria to receive “classy and hi-tech phones like the Samsung Galaxy S-23,” according to a statement released by the firm and made accessible to Saturday PUNCH. The announcement was made available to the newspaper.

The statement went on to say that the highlight of the offer featured an extended pre-order window for Glo subscribers who wanted to purchase the device up to February 23, 2023. In addition, the statement said that bespoke customized packaging was being made available just for Glo consumers.

“Pre-ordering will begin at 10 o’clock on February 1st, 2023, at all Gloworld outlets located throughout Nigeria. Both the Eco package and the Only Device package feature the Samsung S-23 and a pre-order gift, while the Eco package also includes a Samsung smartwatch5 pro. The statement also mentioned that the Only Device package includes a pre-order gift.

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