“Getting Married at 21”: Lady Marries Young in Beautiful Ceremony, A cute video generates a lot of reactions.

Written by Alamin

Several people have been appreciating a couple who wed at the age of 21 after seeing a video of them. The bride exhorted those who are certain they want to be married young to go ahead and do it.

Many TikTok users attempted to compare what they were doing at 21 and said they were astounded by their daring.

A 21-year-old lady has shared a beautiful video of how she married her heartthrob young so they can grow old together. In the clip, both the groom and bride were all smiles as they posed for photos. The lady said that even though many people think they are too young to get married, they made it happen with God.

Although getting married at such a young age will draw criticism, she claimed that putting God first will make things better.

A part of the video’s caption read:

“So we’re just encouraging some people at our age thinking to get married to DO IT if you think you’re ready.”

In the clip shared by @freeman.co, the woman took some wine inside a cup to her lover in the presence of family members.

She bowed down before him and handed him the cup. He put some cash inside the cup after they had both finished drinking from it.


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