Easy bird trap from national garden 100%

Written by Alamin

You’ll need birdseed, a cardboard box, a stick, and some twine to make the trap. Make a tiny hole in the box’s top, then fill it with birdseed. Tie the string to the stick and the box, then use the stick to support the box. Pull the cord to seal the box and trap the bird when it comes into the box to eat the seed.

Keep in mind that it’s typically not advised and even illegal to trap birds. Before attempting to catch birds, always verify your local laws and ordinances.

Bird trapping is a traditional hunting method that has been practiced for centuries. However, it can be harmful to the bird population and is often illegal. That’s why it’s important to use safe and ethical trapping methods if you must trap birds. The National Audubon Society recommends a simple and humane bird trap made from common household items.

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