“E dey rise oo” – Nons Miraj ‘Ada Jesus’ gets ‘free’ with James Brown, attempts to touch his ‘thing’ in new video

Chinonso Ukah, better known by her stage names Ada Jesus and Nons Miraj, recently uploaded a video to her YouTube channel in which she and James Brown Obialor, a controversial crossdresser, participate in an adult play.

Ada Jesus could be seen on top of James Brown in the video that she released, attempting to unbuckle his pants while she was sitting on top of him. James Brown, who was lying on the bed at the time, felt he had no choice but to scream and cry out in response to the sexual assault and harassment he had experienced.

Throughout the course of their fun altercation, Ada Jesus, who seemed to be gaining access, progressively shouted after she saw the crossdresser having an erection after she saw him having an erection.

She cried in Pidgin English, “E dey rise ooo.” “E dey rise ooo”

James Brown, on the other hand, was able to get up and attempted to get revenge on Ada Jesus by punching her in a vulnerable spot. Despite this, both of them can be seen on the video cracking up.

James Brown appears to have a large number of female colleagues as pals inside the entertainment industry, and he constantly and openly interacts with these colleagues, which frequently leads to rumors and speculation.

In addition to being seen with Ada Jesus, the crossdresser has also been seen on multiple occasions with the voluptuous Nollywood actress Chioma Nwaoha, which has also led to innuendo-laden comments being posted online.

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