Brave Gemsbok Take Down LIONS With Their Horns To Save Baby Gemsbok Escape – Snake vs Lizard

Written by Alamin

In the wild, survival of the fittest is the rule of thumb. Recently, a group of brave gemsbok showed the world how they protect their young ones from predators. In a video that has gone viral on social media, a group of lions can be seen attacking a baby gemsbok, but the mother and a few other adults come to the rescue and use their horns to take down the lions. It’s incredible to see how these majestic animals work together to protect their young ones.

The gemsbok, also known as the Oryx, is a large antelope species found in various parts of Africa. They are known for their long, straight horns, which they use for self-defense and to protect their young. The lions, on the other hand, are apex predators known for their hunting prowess.

The video shows the gemsbok taking on the lions, using their sharp horns to injure and push them away. It’s incredible to see how the gemsbok worked together to protect the young one and save it from becoming a lion’s meal.

The video shows the snake trying to capture the lizard, but the lizard fights back fiercely. The lizard uses its tail to whip the snake, which is a common self-defense mechanism for lizards. The snake, on the other hand, tries to bite the lizard, but the lizard manages to avoid the attack.

It’s incredible to see how these two reptiles battle it out in the wild. While the outcome of this particular fight is unknown, it’s a reminder that even the smallest creatures can have a fighting spirit. The lizard in this video shows that size doesn’t always matter, and sometimes, the underdog can come out on top.

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