Best Rabbit trap using deep hole paper box

Written by Alamin

Even though they are cute, rabbits may be a pain if they start eating your garden. Setting up a trap is a solid solution to solve this issue if it applies to you. Using a deep-hole paper box trap is one of the most efficient and compassionate ways to catch rabbits. Here is a tutorial on creating one.

Certainly! The deep hole paper box trap is an easy and reliable non-lethal method of catching rabbits. It functions by utilizing the rabbit’s natural tendency to burrow and seek shelter.

You will need a deep paper box that is big enough to fit the rabbit in order to construct the trap. Also, you will need to dig a hole in the earth that is at least as deep as the box’s height. After that, the box is inserted into the opening, and bait—such as lettuce, carrots, or apples—are placed inside to tempt the rabbit.

A tiny hole is drilled into one side of the box, through which the rabbit can enter to set off the trap. The trigger is then set over the top of the hole with a wooden dowel or stick. The box collapses and traps the rabbit when the bunny presses the trigger, which also causes the stick to fall.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that after you catch the rabbit, you should release it back into the wild after carefully removing the box. If you don’t want to hurt the rabbits but still need to get rid of them from your garden or property, this trap is a fantastic choice.

The deep hole paper box trap is a straightforward and efficient approach to capture rabbits without endangering them. You may build your own trap and take pleasure in a rabbit-free garden with a little perseverance and the appropriate supplies.

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