BBTitans: Reactions As Nana & Nelisa Kiss Passionately After The Saturday Night Party

The recent event that took place in the Big Brother Titans season home, in which two female housemates, Nana and Nelisa made out recently, has caused a number of people to react in a variety of ways.You may remember that a video that has been circulating on the internet showed the two women making passionate kisses in the locker room just after the Saturday night party while some of the other roommates were present.In point of fact, we were given a direct response from Jenni O, who is Nana’s friend, as well as Miracle, who was present at the incident.

Miracle, who was standing very close to them, appeared to be so taken aback by what he saw that he stood with his mouth gaping open in disbelief. On the other hand, Jenni O, who wasn’t quite as close, yelled out as soon as she saw what was going on and rushed over to take Nana away from Nelisa as quickly as she could.As was to be expected, the viewers and internet users had a range of reactions to the episode.

Some of the participants in the Big Brother house gave off the impression that they were extremely ecstatic and happy by the latest development in the house, which they believe will add more drama to the content of the show.This school of thinking did not receive support from others in any way.

They condemned the girls for participating in such behavior and the show for encouraging females to behave in such a manner.

Take a look at some of their responses down below:

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