” At Home Vs At the club”. Young lady stirs up controversy after posting a photo of herself at home.

Written by Alamin

Many people today prefer to remain at home in comfortable attire, so you won’t find them looking great or having their hair or makeup done; instead, they just let everything go and dress however they want to. We can all probably agree that no one wants to always be dressed to the nines when they are at home. People just want to be free and don’t want to be concerned about how they appear to others.

Well, after seeing pictures of herself being posted on social media, one young woman did just that. The pictures show how she typically dresses at home and when she goes out to the club with friends or family.

In one of the pictures, a young woman wearing typical clothing appeared to be without makeup and appeared messy, as if she had just woken up. She was lovely and had perfectly styled hair and makeup in the other picture. She looked fantastic in the afterimage, I’m very sure everyone can agree on that.

A lot of people in the comments of her post were just surprised by the transformation that she was able to pull off, some people were even supportive of her looking the way she did when she is at home, and that’s because most just want to be comfortable when they are at home and are doing nothing.

Well, if you were someone who always wore their nicest clothing while doing nothing at home, then you should take some advice from this young lady, since she is showing us that you don’t have to look great even when you’re home.

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