Asap Rocky Ain’t Playing, Didn’t She Just Drop A Whole Human A Few Days Ago-Tboss Says About Rihanna

Rihanna caused an uproar on social media when she announced that she was expecting a child during the halftime show of the Super Bowl 2023 by showing the world her growing baby belly. After having her first child not less than two years ago, her fans, notably the Big Brother Nigeria star Tokunbor Idowu, often known as Tboss, were primarily startled to find that she was already expecting her second child so soon after having her first child.

Tboss is reported to have responded in a surprising manner to the revelation by allegedly saying, and we quote, “Asap Rocky isn’t going to be there. Didn’t she just give birth to an entire human being a few days ago? If not, how is it that time is flying by so damned quickly?!”

In spite of this, her recent pregnancy bump has cast doubt on the notion that Rihanna and ASAP Rocky ought to have tied the knot in front of a large number of people given that they are both well-known celebrities and the public overwhelmingly approves of their relationship. Additionally, she is 34 years old and a billionaire, which means that she began her career at a later age than the majority of people.

The fact that she is expecting another child with ASAP does not concern her admirers, regardless of whether or not he marries her, because all that is required of her at this point is to continue living her life and releasing new records.

Have a look at the captured image of her Instagram post that is provided below.

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