Amazing man shows how to trap a big crocodile using duck trap _ how to catch a crocodile in Cambodia easy

Written by Alamin

Many people may think it’s impossible to capture a large crocodile, but a remarkable man in Cambodia has discovered an unusual and successful method of accomplishing it by utilizing a duck trap.

The individual, who goes by the name of Chhouk Rin, has been successfully capturing crocodiles for many years. A big cage with a hole at the top, known as a duck trap, is what he first erects. Then, as bait, he puts a live duck inside the cage.

When the crocodile eats the bait, it is trapped inside the cage and is unable to leave. Using a long stick and a rope, Chhouk Rin then carefully frees the crocodile from its cage. The crocodile is then taken to a secure place and returned to the water.

Chhouk Rin’s method of catching crocodiles is not only effective but also humane, as it ensures that the crocodile is not harmed during the trapping process. It is also an eco-friendly method as it does not involve the use of harmful chemicals or traps that can harm other animals.

Chhouk Rin’s amazing skills in catching crocodiles have earned him the respect and admiration of his community in Cambodia. His unique approach to crocodile trapping is not only impressive but also an inspiration to others who may be faced with similar challenges in their line of work.

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