a source of contention for the entertainment industry regarding an actress’s marital status

One man came up a few days ago to announce that he is the spouse of reigning actress Hafsat Ismail Tuge and that he does not give her permission to perform in feem. This caused a stir in the Kannywood business, which is the northern Nigerian film and television industry.

This actress is currently starring in the Hausa television series “Amaryar Tik Tok,” which is widely regarded as one of the most popular television programmes in all of northern Nigeria at the present time.

In an interview with BBC News Pidgin, the director of Kannywood, Babangida Bangis, stated that there is a written law for the fetish industry that states young married women are not allowed to act fetish since it is against Hausa traditional norms.

“For Kannywood, there is a law that says young married ladies are not allowed to portray feem,” the actor said. “The only married women and older women who play motherly roles are married women.”

The Bangis further state that “even the present young actresses soon after getting married na off to their husbands’ residences and bye to acting na so e be.”

“Young married woman could work as a producer or in some other capacity, but she should not perform.”

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